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I am a Brazilian writer. I have already published two books: Láquesis and Operação Amazônia.
In case you like to read Brazilian literature, contact me.

Thank you!



Elisa walked slowly to the window of her room, fixing his gaze on the trail lined with small flowers that led directly to the entrance gate. But, it was useless to wait for Lucas to return. She looked at the delicate Alliance holding in their hands, while a tear fell on his face. She did not try to contain her tears. Had already accustomed to that feeling of emptiness. New tears welled up in his eyes when she thought about the meaning of that little Golden object, that one day had brought so much happiness. It reminded her of a time in when she felt loved and valued by someone that vowed eternal love; protected by the promise that he would never leave her or make her suffer.
Nevertheless, she was there. The metal was still intact, but her heart was broken into a thousand pieces, impossible to restore. On a beautiful summer afternoon, Lucas had left. He said unreasonable reasons, without even giving her time to understand what was happening or maybe allow her to say her side of the story.
 At first, she waited patiently for his return. She knew Lucas and she was sure that he loved her. However, the days went by and she hoped to see he opening the gate, saying that he made a big mistake… but it never happened. Three months had passed without news. She had looked for him in many places, without success, until she became convinced that he really was gone. The last remnants of hope disappeared in that moment with her tears.
She could not stay in that house. Everything about that place reminded her of him.  Even the most insignificant things kept memories of his smile, his eyes so full of tenderness, the warmth of his arms on cold days. Without him there was not meaning to stay there. It would be suffer forever, sipping the pain drop by drop. She was not thinking about starting over. All she could think about was survival. Who knows over the years, she could restart her life, after the wounds healed.
She put her hand through the window, while she felt the soft breeze caressing her skin. She closed his eyes, decided, and threw the Alliance. It fell down getting lost amidst the azaleas.
Gathering the courage and what was left of her forces, she collected her clothes and put it in a bag, close the zipper and slowly walked down the stairs.  Without a backward glance, she walked through the door and locked it. When she had strength, she would return to sell the house. If it could be possible, with all the furniture. She would not want to keep anything to remember his past. If Lucas, that was the most important part, there was not there anymore, the rest had no meaning. If he had given his back for everything that both had dreamed, she would imitate him.  "Goodbye!"-Elisa thought, while she left all her dreams behind.